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Bobby qualified as certified Electrical Engineer in 2008. He first began as a working apprentice to the previous owner and founder of Victor X-ray Technical Services Ltd, Mr David Greaves [deceased]. In 2012, Bobby became the official CEO.  

Throughout the last 10 years, Bobby has built up a large clientele consisting of both dentistry and veterinarian practices across the British Isles. He has subsequently worked closely with a comprehensive network of Radiation Protection Advisors and Medical Physics Experts alike. He is a long standing member of the various Radiation Protection Advisory Boards, in addition to Professional Trade Bodies for Electricians. In more recent times, Bobby has completed formal training, with a view to becoming an accredited RPA himself.  


Outside of work, Bobby is a family man; with two daughters aged 13 and 7. In addition to this, he is also a highly valued member of the family that he now shares with his fiancé Sharyn. One of Bobby’s biggest passions is his beloved football team; Manchester City. He is also a huge fan of both music and movies … Bobby likes nothing more than to attend live concerts and festivals or equally chill on the sofa at home with a nice glass of rum and the TV remote.

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Sharyn has a BA (Hons) in Applied Behavioural Science. In 2020, she joined the VXR Team as our Operations & Communications Lead. Sharyn was previously employed for 20+ years within the areas of Cross-phase Education and Criminal Justice, where she developed and implemented behavioural based applications across a variety of ecological systems.


During her short time at Team VXR, Sharyn has applied her analytical skills to the functional aspects of the company structure. In doing so, she has completely re-engineered a much improved and viable performance system. Sharyn believes that the companies’ real niche is very much founded upon bespoke approaches and caring customer relations. She states that Bobby’s ‘authentic and gregarious nature’ has definitely resulted in a loyal following for VX-Ray.

Outside of work, Sharyn is kept busy with her ever increasing family unit; 5 grandchildren, 4 grown children/partners and more. She has volunteered in her local community for many years, advocating for ADHD families. She is also actively involved in campaigning for legislation rights relating to Neurodiversity. Sharyn would best describe herself as an artist, an educator, a lover of music and serial problem solver.

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