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Victor X-Ray has been providing electromechanical and radiation protection services to dental and veterinary practices throughout the UK and British Isles since 1979.


The company originally began as a one man enterprise offering practical solutions to a once unique and distinct area of radiology, which was very much viewed as unchartered territory at that time. 


Today, VXR continues to offer a niche service that is built upon a long standing reputation of high standards and excellent customer relations.


our mission


VXR prides itself upon quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is very much based upon inclusive practice. We each seek to understand individual needs by taking the time to actively listen and engage directly with all of our clients. 

We aim to deliver standards that not only satisfy customer requirements but also that which we ourselves can appreciate and be proud of, in terms of personal achievement and company standing.

'Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value'                                                      ~ Albert Einstein

Our VXR package includes a yearly maintenance program which consists of a full electrical & mechanical undertaking. Our qualified electrical engineers are highly skilled and experienced within the field of dental & veterinary x-ray equipment. We therefore carry out radiation protocols such as Routine Testing, Acceptance Tests, Critical Examinations and more. Our team uses highly specialised technology to complete such and we are subsequently able to produce first-class data reports that offer precision, accuracy, depth of analysis and guaranteed quality assurance.

our vision


This year has seen a complete rebranding and official 2021 re-launch of the new and improved Victor X-Ray Technical Services Ltd – AKA Team VXR. We move forward with a fresh outlook, having acquired two additional squad members; Sharyn & Georgia, who each bring their own unique skills and expertise to the round table.

We are also championing the Manchester Bee concept which is representative of our place of residence and also our Team Ideology– Hardworking, Vibrant & Unified. Team VXR are complete with a black & yellow colour scheme that is evident in the newly designed company uniforms, stationary and trade equipment.

Our Quality Assurance Reports and Certificates of Authenticity have also undergone a significant overhaul and now contain a Quick Response [QR] code that enables immediate access to the VXR website and includes the newly established VXR Flipsync App which houses a wealth of industry related literature, for client use.  

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